About Us

Consolidated Paper Group, Inc. is a family owned and operated company.

We have been in the business of providing janitorial supplies to schools, industrial manufacturing plants, office buildings and governmental agencies in South Central, South East and Western Kentucky for almost 60 years. In the early 1980’s, we were able to branch out to Northern and Middle Tennessee. In 2014, we are happy to say we will be branching out in Southern Indiana.

Consolidated Paper Group, Inc. provides a complete chemical management program through Spartan Chemical Co, Inc., a national recognized provider of chemical service. We also partner with, 3M, Berry Liners, Elkay, Georgia Pacific, GOJO, Impact Products, Inteplast, Rubbermaid, The Andersen Company, Shorr Packaging, Shurtape, and Wausau.

We are very proud of our all-encompassing floor equipment lines, Nilfisk-Advance, Royal Appliance, Hoover, Pro-Team and Pacific Steamex.

We were incorporated in 1969 under the name of B.G. Chemicals, Inc. Our name changed to Consolidated Paper Group, Inc. in 2008 when we merged with PaperCo Inc. Our founders were Lila and Edward Green. Charles Hardcastle later joined the company to work beside his sister Lila. In 2007, Charles and Carolyn Hardcastle purchased the company from his sisters’ estate with future plans for his daughters Colleen Hardcastle and Cheryl Anderson to operate the company.

We now have a sales force of twenty and are proud of our employee tenure. We have one salesman who has been with us for 59 year, a customer service representative 40 years, delivery driver for 40 years, both Vice Presidents 30+ years, and several other employees that have 15+ years with us.