Advance Convertamatic® 26D Auto Scrubber - 26", Disc, AXP

Advance Convertamatic® 26D Auto Scrubber - 26", Disc, AXP

Item # AD-56315025

  • Soft-Touch[TM] Paddle System allows operators to depress drive paddle directly to the handle bar without pinching fingers.
  • 27.5" W x 55" L (w/o squeegee) x 44" H
  • (4) 6V 238 AH batteries
  • (2) 0.50 hp scrub motors, 0.75 hp, 3 stage vacuum motor
26" Disc, AXP, 238AH, ea
Manufacturers Item #56315025

All Convertamatics come standard with an integrated Smart Solutions[TM] system that allows the machine to operate for 1 hour and 20 minutes per dump & refill cycle with the Convertamatic's 20 gallon solution and recovery tanks. At the same time, the integrated Smart Solutions[TM] system features pre-set scrub settings that combine solution flow and scrub pressure into simple operator selections for regular, heavy, or extreme scrubbing conditions. The combination of these features makes the convertamatic[R] the ultimate in One-touch[TM] operation for instant training, increased safety, consistent performance, and maximum run-time.

27.5" W x 55" L (w/o squeegee) x 44" H. (4) 6V 238 AH batteries.


  • AXP[TM] is a patent-pending, on board detergent dispensing system that offers exclusive features and benefits that will redefine onboard detergent dispensing.
  • UltraFlow[TM] Squeegee System provides best-in-class recovery of solution on tight turns to greatly reduce the potential for slippery moisture to be left behind.
  • Standard onboard battery charger and option gel batteries to eliminate battery maintenance, fumes, and acid spills.
  • Click off disc scrub heads for productivity and convenience
  • Rear solution fill for simultaneous dump and refill
  • Foam-filled non-marking tires
  • Front shroud is no-tools removable for access to scrub motors and for interchanging scrub decks
  • Tolls-free replaceable and height adjustable splash skirt
  • Large 20 gallon solution and recovery tanks are made from heavy-duty polyethylene
  • Large recovery tank opening eases clean-out


  • Scrub Head Type: Disc
  • Scrub Path: 26"
  • Max Productivity @ 2.8 mph: 32,050 ft2/hr
  • Max Productivity @ 1.5 mph: 17,200 ft2/hr
  • Scrub Head Size: (2) 13" brushes or pad holders
  • Scrub Pressure: Regular scrub: max 80 lb; Heavy scrub: max 130 lb; Extreme scrub: max 160 lb.
  • Scrub Head Speed: 220 rpm
  • Solution Flow Rate: Regular scrub: 0.25 gal/min or 80 minutes per solution tank; Heavy scrub: 0.50 gal/min or 40 minutes per solution tank; Extreme scrub: 0.75 gal/min or 27 minutes per solution tank
  • Squeegee Width: 36.6"
  • Weight: 613 lbs w/batteries
  • Voltage: 24 V
  • Onboard Battery Charger: 24 V, 25 amp wet/gel compatible
  • Solution Control: Precision-Flow electric pump
  • Solution/Recovery Tanks: 20 gal./20 gal.
  • Drive System: 0.4 hp variable forward and reverse, max speed = 3 mph, 10% gradeability
  • Drive Wheels: (2) 7" diameter foam-filled, gray non-marking