Advance AquaPro™ C Portable Extractor - 14 Gal.

Advance AquaPro™ C Portable Extractor - 14 Gal.

Item # AD-56380471

  • 36" L x 17" W x 38" H
  • Solution pump: 150 psi
  • Vacuum Motor: 2 - 2 stage
14 Gal., ea
Manufacturers Item #56380471

A 14 gallon solution tank makes it large enough to get the job done, but compact for ease of maneuvering and transporting. Some ideal applications include: contract cleaners, educational facilities, office buildings, hotels and motels, health care facilities, airports, government buildings.

Solution pump: 150 psi. Vacuum Motor: 2 - 2 stage.


The AquaPro[TM] line of portable extractors is designed with unique features that lead to increased productivity. There is no tracking down cleaning tools, since the AquaPro[TM] features onboard storage of a floor tools and compartments for storage of ch

Has the unique feature of on-board storage of a floor tool. In addition, there are built-in compartments for storing chemical bottles, hand tools or other cleaning items. Combined with the cord hooks, the AquaPro[TM] has self contained storage of the st

The solution tank has a clear hose which acts as both a solution gauge and as a drain hose. A recovery drain hose is designed for ease of dumping the 12 gallon recovery tank into a slop sink or a commode.

The clam shell design allows easy access for servicing. Finger grips and a handle provide assistance when lifting the AquaPro[TM] into a vehicle for transport. Disconnect power cords allow for dumping and refilling without timely cord wrap-ups. Not onl

  • Durable rotomolded solution and recovery tanks
  • Outlets allow for the power cord to be disconnected
  • Large non-marking rear wheels for maneuverability
  • Components are recessed to prevent damage
  • Float ball screen protects the vacuum motor
  • The control panel is water proof in case of spills. The solution tank fill port is recessed to contain spills.


  • Solution Tank Capacity: 14 gallons
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 12 gallons
  • Built-in Heater: No
  • Waterlift: 150"
  • Air Flow: 100 cfm
  • Solution Hose Length: 15 ft.
  • Recovery Hose Length: 15 ft.
  • Rear Wheels: 10"
  • Front Castors: 4"
  • Power Cord: 1 - 25 ft., yellow
  • Machine Weight: 78 lbs.