Advance All Cleaner™ All Purpose Cleaner

Advance All Cleaner™ All Purpose Cleaner

Item # AD-56380772

  • Packs the cleaning power you need while running circles around your old equipment.
  • Vacuum Motor: 2 stage 900 watts
  • Blower Motor: Vacuum Exhaust
  • Waterlift: 81"; Air Flow: 97 cfm
Manufacturers Item #56380772

Automatic chemical system, indoor pressure washer, powerful liquid recovery vacuum and stretch hoses offer a significant upgrade over hand-cleaning.


  • All standard tools and other cleaning accessories fit neatly into All Cleaner’s small design. That means no more lugging around heavy equipment or dragging hoses - operators can easily maneuver the unit in restrooms, stairwells and other tight spaces.
  • When it comes to versatility, the All Cleaner makes the most of its small design.
  • Its open chemical system allows use of any two chemical bottles (including green cleaning approved solutions) and controls the dilution rate for the proper application each time.
  • Whether your bottle is round or rectangle, it will fit in the holding wells.
  • Large recovery lid allows for easy tank cleanout.
  • Drain hose allows for dumping to a commode or slop sink.
  • Drain hose is recessed to prevent damage.
  • 15 foot recovery hose contracts to 4 feet for ease of managing.
  • Storage place for each of the standard accessories.


  • Solution Tank Capacity: 20 Gal.
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 12 Gallon
  • Application Flow: 200 psi, 0.75 gpm
  • Solution Hose Length: 15'
  • Recovery Hose Length: 15'
  • Blower Hose: 13'
  • Power Cord: 25'
  • Rear Wheels: Two 10"
  • Front Casters: Two 4"
  • Dimensions: 38.5" H x 34" L x 20" W
  • Chemical: Yes - Dual Port