Advance Adfinity™ X20R REV™ Orbital - 20", 130 AH

Advance Adfinity™ X20R REV™ Orbital - 20", 130 AH

Item # AD-56390052

  • Standard features include random orbital scrubbing, EcoFlex[TM] System, traction drive and a onboard charger.
  • Squeegee width: 29.9"
  • (2) 12 V 130AH wet batteries; 24 V on board charger
  • Solution tank: 10.5 gal./Recovery tank: 10.5 gal.
20", 130 AH, ea
Manufacturers Item #56390052

In a single pass, our exclusive Random Orbital Scrubbing technology scrubs deeper and more uniformly, leaving your floors with a perfectly scrubbed surface with no swirl marks. The first and only floor scrubber that scrubs with distinct orbital and rotational motions: high speed 1/4" micro scrubbing and 20" rotational low speed macro scrubbing. This powerful, combination delivers a uniform, non-swirled floor surface while using far less water and chemicals. You can remove multiple coats of old floor finish in a single pass, with no chemicals at all, leaving floors ready for restoration. EcoFlex[TM] system effortlessly switch between water-only cleaning or different cleaning intensities. Reduce chemical usage, labor costs, and environmental impact.

(2) 12 V 130AH wet batteries; 24 V on board charger.


  • Solution flow of 0.1 gpm allows for 105 minutes of continuous cleaning on a single tank of water.
  • Tools-free maintenance squeegee.
  • Maintenance-free, fixed pad driver uses industry-standard 20" scrub pads.
  • Low RPM rotation eliminates both the flinging of solution from the pads and the need for side skirts.
  • At just 65.8 decibels quiet, it is no louder than a person speaking. REV can be operated without disturbing facility occupants, so you can clean even during daytime hours.
  • The EcoFlex[TM] system puts multiple cleaning modes at your fingertips making it the most efficient one-machine solution for every kind of floor cleaning challenge you face. Make on-the-fly adjustments between water-only cleaning and various blends of wa


  • Scrub Head Type: Dual Random Orbit
  • Scrub Path: 20"
  • Max Productivity @ 3.0 mph: 26,400 ft2
  • Scrub Pressure (2 settings): Variable (standard): up to 50 lb.; Extra Pressure (Option): up to 70 lb.
  • Solution Flow Rates: 0.1 gpm (0.4 L/min), 0.165 gpm (0.6 L/min), 0.219 (0.8 L/min)
  • Drive System: Traction drive
  • Squeegee Width: 29.9"
  • Dimensions: (w/o squeegee): 48.3" L x 21.3" W x 41.3" H
  • Weights: Machine only: 235 lb.; w/wet batteries: 372 lb.; w/AGM batteries: 416 lb.
  • Scrub Motor: 0.75 hp
  • Vacuum Motor: 0.44 hp
  • Approvals: ETL, CSA, CE