Advance Adgressor® 3520D w/Ecoflex™-35" Disk, 310AH

Advance Adgressor® 3520D w/Ecoflex™-35" Disk, 310AH

Item # AD-56390973

  • QuickChange[TM] deck system. Smart Solutions[TM]. Powerful drive motor. One-Touch system activation. No-tools maintenance access.
  • Brush drive: 0.6 hp (3); Brush speed: 250 rpm
  • (6) 310 AH wet batteries, shelf charger; Voltage: 36 Volt
  • Vacuum motor: 0.75 hp 3-stage; Squeegee width: 42.1"
35" Disk, 310AH, Shelf Charger, ea
Manufacturers Item #56390973

Lets you clean green and still meet the highest expectations for clean floors. Operators can quickly and easily select the right blend of pad pressure, water and detergent to tackle any cleaning challenge. A few of the flexible cleaning modes are water only, ultra-low detergent, standard detergent, and burst of power. A steel chassis and metal bumpers stand up to tough operating environments while thick high density polyethylene tanks will not dent, crack, or corrode.

(6) 310 AH wet batteries, shelf charger; Voltage: 36 Volt.


  • Comfortable full size operator compartment has excellent field of vision with Clear-View[TM] sight lines.
  • Large recovery tank opening provides easy, unobstructed cleaning.
  • High capacity and rugged polyethylene solution and recovery tanks are crack, dent and chemical resistant.
  • Solution tank has EasyFlow[TM] drain hose, for clean and controlled dumping.
  • (3) pad holders and (1) detergent cartridge 1.25 gallons.
  • UltraFlow[TM] unique design increases air speed in squeegee for better pick up and dryer floors.
  • QuickChange[TM] no tools interchangeable deck system.
  • Heavy-duty side skirts leave floors dry and safe.
  • Metal bumpers for added machine protection.
  • Mechanical safety brake with parking brake standard.
  • Steering column is adjustable for comfort: tilts upright for easy boarding.
  • Variable volume horn and backup alarm are standard.
  • One Touch[TM] control panel for all scrub functions. Includes all indicators/gauges.
  • The Advance Adgressor[R] can grow with your company. The scrub deck interchangeability allows a larger, more productive scrub deck to be installed to address a growing company's increasing square footage.


  • Max Productivity at 4.0 mph: 61,600 ft2/hr
  • Max Productivity at 2.5 mph: 38,500 ft2/hr
  • Solution Tank: 42 Gal.
  • Recovery Tank: 42 Gal.
  • Scrub Deck: Manual-adjusting side skirts contain solution
  • Brush Pressure: Programmable 3 settings up to 250 lb.
  • Drive System: 1.5 hp motor with gear transmission, band brake and dynamic braking. Programmable speeds up to 4.5 mph.
  • Gradeability: Transport 20%/11.5 deg., working (scrubbing) - 8%/4.6 deg.
  • Min. Turn-Around Aisle Width: 63" on a machine with a 32" deck
  • Solution Control: Smart Solutions[TM] is standard providing better water and chemical utilization and fewer dump and refill cycles.
  • Sound Level: 68 dB A at operator's position
  • Frame Dimensions: 61" L x 32" W x 53" H
  • Weight: Machine only 657 lb. With full tank and standard batteries 1,553 lb.