Advance Advenger® EcoFlex™ X2805D-C -28" Disc,310 AH

Advance Advenger® EcoFlex™ X2805D-C -28" Disc,310 AH

Item # AD-56601624

  • Evergreen[TM] cleaning control system. Clean control. Green control. Ultra-low detergent mode that is ideal for normal cleaning.
  • Two pad holders; On-board charger
  • Brush drive motor: 0.64 hp; Drive motor: 1.05 hp
  • Vacuum motor: 0.75 hp; CFM 66 @ 2" orifice
28" Disc w/EcoFlex™, 310 AH, OB Charger, ea
Manufacturers Item #56601624

Simple, yet intuitive controls allow operators to clean green, but have the flexibility to quickly increase cleaning performance with an increased detergent ratio, solution flow, and brush pressure. Available with EcoFlex[TM] system which is a flexible cleaning solution, from green to clean.

Evergreen™ cleaning control system. Clean control. Green control. Ultra-low detergent mode that is ideal for normal cleaning. Two pad holders; On-board charger. Brush drive motor: 0.64 hp; Drive motor: 1.05 hp.


  • Commonly used detergents are diluted at a ratio of 128:1, (128 parts water to 1 part detergent), which is ideal for cleaning heavily soiled floors but can be excessive for routine cleaning applications.
  • For routine cleaning on moderately soiled floors, Advenger with Evergreen dispenses detergent at 400:1, just enough detergent to enhance the natural cleaning power of water and break surface tension while leaving a lighter detergent scent behind.
  • It’s not only green, it’s smart. You’ll save at least 50 percent in detergent costs by using a more highly diluted solution.
  • Operators also have the option to clean with water-only for even more control over your environmental stewardship.
  • High-traffic areas require more aggressive cleaning, and the ability to make on-the-spot adjustments for heavily soiled floors is what really makes Advenger with Evergreen more than just a "green" machine.
  • The touch of a button temporarily adjusts the machine to the typical manufacturer’s detergent dilution ratio and increases brush pressure and solution flow for serious scrubbing power, eliminating the "double scrubbing" required with other low-flow or wat
  • The squeegee is designed to resist snagging during use and to store conveniently on the back of the machine where it props the recovery tank open for drying.
  • The open machine design allows for the operator to board the Advenger[R] on the left or right side. Machine can be parked anywhere for charging and still have the operator compartment accessible. Operator also has improved sight lines to the floor.
  • A low sound level, 63.7 dB A, less detergent odor, and the Safe 'N Dry[TM] squeegee results, will all permit the Advenger to be used anytime, day or night to clean a facility.
  • High traction non-marking urethane tires.
  • Adjustable steering column.


  • Maximum Transport Speed: 3.91 mph
  • Maximum Cleaning Speed: 3.12 mph
  • Maximum Coverage Per Hour @3.12 mph: 39,424 sq ft
  • Solution Tank: 28 gal.
  • Recovery Tank: 29 gal.
  • Flow Rates: 0.33 gal/min; 0.66 gal/min; 1.0 gal/min
  • Maximum Productivity Per Tankful: 85 minutes
  • Power Source: 24 VDC
  • Brush Speed: 260 rpm
  • Scrub Pressure: Regular Scrub: 90 lb.; Heavy Scrub: 150 lb.; Extreme Scrub: 220 lb.
  • Sealed Waterlift: 63" H2O
  • Minimum Aisle Turning Radius: 63"
  • Dimensions: 60" Body length x 51.7 Body height x 27.5" Body width
  • Maximum Width w/o Squeegee: 31"
  • Squeegee Width: 32.6"
  • Maximum Weight w/o Batteries: 536 lbs.
  • Maximum Weight: Full solution tank and largest batteries 1,451 lb.
  • Gradability Transport: 16%
  • Gradability Cleaning: 9%
  • Maximum PSI: Full tank and 200 lb rider) 175 PSI
  • Agency Approvals: ETL Canada and US