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How Can We Expand Beyond Cleaning For Our Green Program?

There are many products that can be used outside of cleaning chemicals that will allow your business to expand it’s Green Program. You can purchase Micro Fiber Tools to allow for less water and chemical usage to clean surfaces effectively.

A variety of paper products with the Green Seal certification and/or that meet or exceed EPA standards are offered by CPG to our customers, including: toilet tissue, white and brown roll towels, multifold hand towels, facial tissue, and kitchen towels. Some of our product lines of green paper products include: Baywest, Cascades, Georgia-Pacific and Affex.

Other products that are available for your Green Program include: Biodegradable food service items (cutlery, plates, bowls, take home containers, hot cups), 100% Recycled Handle Bag by Duro, Greenware cups by Fabri-Kal, Insulair cups by Dixie, Hot Cups by Planet +, Trash liners made of recycled plastic or biodegradable material for composting. We also have matting available that is made from recycled products.

What is the benefit of my company going green?

There are several benefits, including: To improve indoor air quality, improve the health of building occupants, and to reduce the impact on the environment.

Typically, a green cleaning program will be adopted by a facility based on the type of facility, location and mission of the facility. The level at which it is adopted varies based on the facility.

Generally, a facility will implement green cleaning on one of three levels: products, procedures and green building status.

Things CPG has done to for our Green Program

CPG has replaced old windows with energy efficient windows. Lighting throughout the building and warehouse has been replaced with energy efficient bulbs. CPG recycles our plastic, cardboard and aluminum. CPG also uses green cleaning products in our facility.

How Can CPG Help Your Business with a Green Cleaning Program?

At CPG, we have multiple products available from various distributors that are Green Seal certified and/or meet EPA standards. (To learn more about Green Seal visit When purchasing Green Seal certified products, when applied as instructed, workers are using the safest and healthiest products available.

At CPG, we have access to manufacturer representatives who will work with your company to assist in establishing or evaluating your Green Cleaning Program. We also have representatives who can assist you with your LEED-EB Rating System. Please visit for more information on LEED certification.

For your cleaning program we can install a Dilution Control System that will allow for proper dilution ratios for cleaning. Thus, saving dollars by proper usage, as well.

We have a complete line of Green and BioRenewable chemicals available from Spartan Chemical which can be viewed at Your Account Specialist can provide you with informative material, as well as, arrange for the Spartan Chemical representative to visit your business. We have other green chemicals available such as Spray Nine and Clorox Green Works.

What Else Can Your Business Do To Be Environmentally Friendly?

You can install AutoFlush systems on your toilets and urinals to eliminate crosscontaminat ion. An AutoFaucet with Surround Sensor Technology installed will reduce water usage up to 70%. An Automatic Door Opener for washrooms reduces cross-contamination and will reduce patrons using towels or tissues to open doors. All of these products are available at CPG from Technical Concepts. Please visit These products are from the TC Touch-Free Washroom.

Another way you can help your business be environmentally friendly is to use proper and good working equipment. CPG has a complete line of equipment available from vacuums to rider scrubbers. Your Account Specialist can provide you with material and price quotes on equipment. We also have a service shop available for servicing your equipment.

Does your office recycle paper, ink, glass and cans? According to the EPA, today, this country recycles 32.5% of its waste. While recycling has grown in general, recycling of specific materials has grown even more drastically: 52% of all paper, 31% of all plastic soft drink bottles, 45% of all aluminum beer and soft drink cans, 63% of all steel packaging, and 67% of all major appliances are now recycled.. For recycling to work, everyone has to participate and buy in to the idea. Participating in each phase of the loop. Businesses are an important part of this loop.

Depending on your type of business recycling your waste could turn into dollars saved and/or dollars made. Many products and/or materials can be recycled or sold to a recycling company or manufacturer of recycled products, such as: paper, glass, steel, aluminum, cardboard and plastic. Upon investigation you may find a market for recycling other business specific products.

CPG will be happy to provide information, consultation or point you in the right direction for creation of a Green Program. We can also provide assistance in surveying your current program.